SweChin is a service business looking to assist companies purchase from China. These companies either import completed products with or without their own design; or parts and components for final assembly in their respective home countries. Imported products from China mainly comprise of products for industry, consumption, medical service and utility goods, but not food products. SweChin’s target groups are small to medium sized companies, but of course also other companies having needs for assistance with business in China.

On behalf of companies, SweChin undertakes the following:

  • Finding suppliers and making marketing research for selected products, business lines, retailers and partners in China
  • Follow up and deepen the relationship with selected suppliers
  • Handle daily contacts with selected suppliers and manufactures in China
  • Making evaluation, delivery checking and quality review in consultation with the companies
  • Planning and arrangement of visits to suppliers and business trips to China
  • Making bilingual and trilingual co-operation agreements with Chinese suppliers
  • Reporting of marketing situation for selected areas in China

As the largest workshop in the world and for companies doing businesses with China, SweChin is an absolutely necessary and important link.


SweChin – A Flexible Way for Securing Your Deliveries from China

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